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The day is finally upon us!

The much awaited and ridiculously hyped Batman Vs Superman has dropped in theaters and I JUST got back from my own viewing. I wanted to do a quick spoiler free review while everything is still fresh, but if you’re a diehard like me, some of this might be too revealing.

Here goes!


First off, I’ll start by saying the movie was much better than I thought it was going to be. I had a fear, like many, that this was going to be another Spiderman 3, a flashy CG fest with far too many characters, hoping that big fight scenes would make up for the lack of coherent story line.

And truth be told it almost WAS (like all super hero movies these days) but what they did, they did it well. They juggled the characters masterfully, each one getting enough screen time to make things matter while stoking the ever relevant themes of fear, xenophobia and vigilantism.

The soundtrack, cinematography and CG (yes the CG) were all done extremely well. Below I’ll touch on a few things that stood out for me.

The Good

Batman. He KILLED it as Batman/Bruce! Like the masses, I was hesitant about his casting, but his performance was incredible. He sold the grizzled, broke and smoldering Bruce Wayne in a way we’ve never seen before. The opening scene with Bruce in Metropolis was a phenomenal way to kick this movie off  (If you haven’t refreshed yourself on Man of Steel, I would strongly suggest you do). I’m not sure what Bruce thought he was going to accomplish racing toward a battle of Gods, but Affleck’s ferocity with this scene made me stop questioning and trust that this man has a plan.


I dreaded seeing Bruce Wayne’s origin story, for the 10+ time, but BvS did the best rendition I’ve seen to date. It was quick, it wasn’t over indulgent, and it was powerful enough to get Bruce’s story rolling in a matter of minutes.

Batman and Superman – I was enthralled by both characters to the point where I was enjoying just seeing them be themselves in their respective cities. BvS added more story to old characters, and it was a pleasure to watch even before they started fighting. Batman’s fear and Superman’s moral dilemma was handled extremely well. The pacing was perfect.

Batman Vs Superman – The fight itself? Exactly what I wanted to see. Give yourself to the brutality of the last 45min.

The Bad

Jessie Eisenberg– Unlike Affleck, he performed exactly how I expected him to. Terribly. His character was horrendous when it should have, could have, been a true human menace in the DC world.

Instead we got this cookie cut, overdone character with a cringe worthy performance. He who would have fit right at home during a 90s batman film sitting next to Jim Carrey’s Riddler. I found myself rolling my eyes any time he let out one of his glib “Look how smart I am” comments. The blending of psychopath and genius felt incredibly forced to the point where I just saw acting.


I don’t know how much of this was the script and how much of it was Jessie’s portrayal, but Luthor was the worst part of the movie for me.  I can’t say that another actor would carry the character better, but I do know that Eisenberg’s casting did nothing to help.

Lois Lane – I liked Lois in Man of Steel, I like her as a character and as a love interest, but I would have LOVED it if she played more than just the damsel in distress in both films. One save, sure. Two, meh. Three? Audible groans were happening throughout the theater. Lois’ character seemed to only exist to be trapped/captured/thrown off of high buildings.

Batman Versus SupermanPOTENTIAL SPOILER – For nearly two hours Bruce Wayne plots the demise of Superman. The final showdown commences, and their set to tear each other to pieces. Batman has his reasons, superman has his. But in the span of 60 seconds, they become best friends. Blink and you missed it. I get why, I think, but that doesn’t make it any more satisfying.

BvS Trailer (Doomsday trailer) – If you watched this trailer, you did honestly see the entire movie. It’s a travesty that a trailer like that was signed off on. There were goosebump worthy scenes that unfortunately fell flat because I knew they were coming. This is why I don’t normal watch trailers, and why I’m so disappointed that I robbed myself of this experience.



Good movie. Great? I’m not sure. I’m excited for the new world that’s for sure. The world building they did was a bit distracting sometimes, but certain reveals did give me goosebumps.I can’t comment on the 3D or IMAX, as I saw the first showing in standard, but I enjoyed myself enough to go for a round 2 with both.

Agree? Disagree?

See Batman Vs Superman:Dawn of Justice