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METRIC! I’ve been a fan for year, but I’ve never really been a big show goer outside of my usual handful of bands. I don’t know why, but I’ve made it a point to start going out to see more live music. I always have a great time, it’s bizarre that I’ve been missing all of these events for no good reason.

Metric released their tour dates back in December, and I snatched up a ticket as soon as they went on sale.

Before I get into them, let’s talk about the venue!

The Fillmore..





Lemme just say, this place is BEAUTIFUL. It’s essentially just a gutted warehouse with a more modern and minimalist interior, but what it does, it does extremely well. Dual iron staircases, exposed brick. They nailed the aesthetics of the place. Right down to the glowing purple chandeliers. Might be my new favorite concert venue in the city, I can’t wait to see another show here.

See a show at the new Fillmore

The place was full, but not overcrowded like I expected it to be. For the first time in a long time, (if not the first time ever), I managed to slither my way through the crowd and grab a spot up at the front gate. Perfect timing too, the opening band took the stage not even five minutes later

  • Minor Rant- I’m not usually one to tell others how to enjoy themselves, but holy shit is it frustrating to see people at center stage, front gate on their smart phones checking Facebook the entire time. Straight face, no emotion. I just can’t imagine watching a concert through my peripheral vision. If you’re enjoying, fine I guess, but if face down in a smart phone is your comfortable resting position, you might have a problem.






Their first song didn’t do too much for me, but their last couple drew me in. I was a fan. I think. I’m in a weird neutral zone with them. I need to listen to more of their music for a final verdict, but I did appreciate their energy on stage. In fact,  think I’ll put em on while I finish up this entry.




Their performance was fantastic!  They didn’t pull any over the top antics, it was straight business. A rapid fire succession of music from a set list that did a thorough job covering their numerous albums.

I would have liked a few more of my favorites, I was really hoping for Lie Lie Lie, or Lost Kitten, but Black Sheep happened so I was satisfied.

Not ashamed to admit that the Black Sheep cover in Scott Pilgrim was what originally clued me into Metric, but from the crowd reaction, I’m assuming I wasn’t alone. The place went crazy when those familiar black sheep, c’mon, black sheep, c’mon, lyrics began.


The concert as a whole was a lot of fun. I THINK their US tour has ended now, they’ve recently crossed into Canada, but if I’m wrong, GO! GO TO THE SHOW! Have yourself a time. Worth it for a fan. And if you’re not, go and try out some new music!

-See Metric live! Finally!