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Last night was the peak of the 2015 Perseids meteor shower, and as an amateur astronomer this is one of my favorite happenings of the summer. Thankfully I was greeted by clear skies and no moon, the previous years my stargazing attempts were foiled by cloud and rain. The last time I saw the Perseids, I was half a world away, attempting to fight worms and slay demons.

I can’t believe three years have passed already The skies were absolutely gorgeous out there, but the events of the final ceremony left me exhausted with little desire to move, let alone stargaze.


But that was 2012. 2015 was here and I found myself debating where I should bring in the storm. I had previous considered a beach trip, but some friends had found a spot that boasted much lower light pollution and regularly hosted star gazing events.

Batsto Village, a tiny relic from the 1700s, nestled away in the protected pine barrens less than an hour away. Whispers of the internet claim it’s haunted…

Ghosts be damned, I had meteors to watch and into the darkness I went! The route wasn’t too complicated but I did blow passed the unmarked dirt road, twice. The pine barrens are riddled with these dirt paths that lead to nowhere, so my hesitation to turn into the wrong one (which has happened before) was apparent. My GPS said this was the right one, but my GPS is also a liar…

I took my foot off the gas and allowed my car to accelerate on its own; going too fast wasn’t wise on these windy dirt roads and going too slow would surely leave me spinning my wheels in the fresh mud.


I cruised onward through the darkness, waiting for the shambling undead citizens of the village to greet me around every blind turn…

Thankfully the only people I found were my friends. I was greeted with hugs and champagne!

The three of us got comfortable and settled in as blue streaks littered the sky all around us. We even caught a few earth grazer!


The highlight of the night was definitely a massive meteor so bright the landscape was illuminated with a golden flash. We were facing the opposite direction yet still had time to turn around and catch the glowing streak as it continued to cut the sky.


A beautiful night of crooked necks and good company!

-Watch the Perseids at Batsto Village