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Rewind to October 30th. I’m at an absolute loss for what I can possibly throw together for a fitting costume. The big Halloween, costumes mandatory, party was on the 31st.

What could I be? What could I be?!

I searched in internet and scanned through my movie collection. Nothing was really giving me that desire to create, to embody and become. Frustration was setting in, because I had to come up with something and time was extremely short.

In a huff, I fell onto the couch and flicked on the TV. Defeated.  I used to costume a lot, but lately I just wasn’t feeling the same motivation to go all out. It was then, in the depths of my firstworldproblem, that one of my favorite movies appeared on the TV. Edward Scissorhands.


I watched the scene where he’s giving the neighbor dogs haircuts and commented to myself, thinking “hey I bet my hair could look like that if I straightened some of it”. I took an iron to a few strands and saw the potential. “This could be a it!”

I didn’t have the means or the time to make his full black leather/metal, but I DID have a white shirt and grey pants to mimic his suburban camouflage.  Test!

20141031_143441 20141031_154900The mirror is already broken, I promise

Not bad! I could run with this, and even better, I WANTED to run with this! I enlisted the help of my brother’s fiance to do my makeup since she did an incredible job last year with my sugar skull and that was that.

With a little guidance from Youtube’s Emma Pickles and her fantastic makeup tutorial, I went under the brush.

unnagfgfmed20141101_204711 20141101_210049The scars are actually marshmallow!

It was creepily coming together! I really wanted to make some proper scissor hands, but I was already running late. The ol’ tin foil would have to do.

unfdfnsdfsdfamedxz unfdfnamedzxz

Success! It honestly came out way better than I had imagined, especially for a decision made the night before. My friends absolutely loved it too. With more time, I’d love to do the full body for a convention or something.

– Become a convincing Edward Scissorhands