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Many years ago, when I was still a budding teenager poking around on Napster and getting teased for listening to “techno”, I stumbled onto a genre of music I had never heard before. This wasn’t the steady beats of House, or Trance, like the rest of my music library, this was something completely different. This was hard hitting, the tempo was incredibly high, it made me want to dance, and dance for hours at that. It was called Drum and Bass. And the DJ’s name, Andy C, flashed on the track list. Yet another incredible DJ from across the pond.

Fast forward to today, my music taste has changed and evolved in every different direction, but Andy C is still one of my top DJs when it comes to DnB. There are also very few artists/bands/DJs that I have a desire to see live, Andy C was one of them. One day I’d see him. One day!


As the electronic music scene started to grow exponentially in the US , the dream of seeing Andy C, in a local setting, that wasn’t thousands of people deep, was becoming less and less of a reality. Ultra Music Festival, where he regularly attends in Miami, jumped in attendance from the lowest at 30,000 to 330,000 over the years…

…so when I saw Andy C performing at a venue literally 30 minutes from me, with a ticket price of $15, I was absolutely taken back.

Andy C? Like, THE Andy C? Can’t be. Tickets were dirt cheap and the venue held a couple hundred at the maximum. Was it a DJ set? Some guy up there playing his tracks? Cause it couldn’t be the REAL guy. This was the same DJ hosting crowds in the tens of thousands. DJing all around the world at stages like Creamfields, Ultra, EDC, Global Gathering, etc.


Could it really be him?! Just how trustworthy was this sign out front of the venue…?


The opening DJs did their thing, my man Mighty Mike Saga was once again opening for an evening of legend (MSI, Sisen, etc). So far so good, but despite the full venue, I was still curious about the headliner. Friends assured me that it was definitely happening, the man was in the building, but I remained hesitant…

…that was until he took to the stage.

10246621_620955471320218_6698378317536189222_nANDY C!

That feeling when a dream fuses into reality? Hello again.

True enough, the man stood behind the decks, literally an arms length away.

It’s been a very long time since I threw down that hard at a party, but this was absolutely the time for it. The energy was insane in there. People went absolutely berserk, and I dare say I was one of them.


He dropped so many fantastic tracks from over the years, each one better than the last. Each one was a notch in the history of his music for me.  The lights flicked on even though everyone was still dancing hard, so Andy C dropped one more proper track before ending the night.


There are very few times when I’m the guy security hates, but this was absolutely one of them. “Time to go!” they shouted as they started funneling people out the door. “I said it’s time to LEAVE!” he barked as he set his eyes on me. “Yeahhh, about that….” I thought to myself. Comply or deny? This was was my one chance…

…I hastily made up some lie, saying I was with the photographer and that I was leaving as soon as I gathered my things. It worked.

I slipped through the crowd, made my way around the stage JUST as Andy C was coming off, I couldn’t have timed it any better. There we were, the man and I face to face. I tried to keep it professional and not go into full rabid fan mode (which has only happened once, sorry Emilie Simon!), but I could feel myself smiling like an idiot.

I managed to grab a friend of mine, who was actually photographing the evening and she snapped this picture. I’m derping so hard, but I love this photo. I have a small collection of pictures that make me smile ear to ear, this one was definitely added to that list.


ANDY C!!!! Yes!!!!

-FINALLY see Andy C live!

-Meet Andy C after his set