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I’ve been trying to go ice skating for the majority of winter this year but, for one reason or another, plans never seemed to worked out. With the skating season quickly running out of days, I vowed to make it happen.

I’d find deliverance from Uwishunu.com, a brilliant site that highlights a large portion of the “happenings” in the city. They were hosting an event on the ice, and tickets were free as long as you RSVP’d on their page. Can’t beat free entry, free skate rental, free hand warmers, free entry for a RETURN visit, and free drink tickets! My RSVP was absolutely given right then and there!

Day of, I found myself walking quickly through the wind tunnel that was the city center. The winter air wasn’t too bad despite the temperature being around 7F, but I had a friend already waiting for me at the venue and I didn’t want to keep her out in the cold. One more block before I turned the corner and scanned the check-in area for that familiar face. Kristina, I hadn’t seen her since August (Birthday Sunrise Entry: Coming Soon). Time doing that escaping thing again….*sigh*

She’d find me actually, and with a hug, we made our way inside to grab some skates.


We took to the ice at a slow pace, but before too long we were doing some hasty laps around the rink. Rocking out to all the hits, Backstreet Boys included, hah! (last time we hung out she was bumping the Backstreet Boys CD while we cruised along the seaside).

Its been a while since I was on skates, so I opted not to bring my camera in fears of breaking it. (Pictures are from Google)


We stayed on the ice for a good while before we hopped off to cash in our drink tickets at the corner cafe. One round of hot chocolates, a seat by the window, and some good conversation.

The night was only a few hours, but I really enjoyed catching up and doing something new with someone new.

-Ice Skate at the Center City rink in Philadelphia