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We let out a sigh of relief as the border disappeared from sight (with no FBI agents driving black SUVs in hot pursuit).

Enter the United States. Hello again.


North Dakota. How would I describe North Dakota? It was…nice? Flat. Green. Empty. Lots of farms and tiny planes flying everywhere, dusting their fields.

Not much for people, more cows and livestock than anything else. A couple houses here and there, complete with rocking chairs and grain silos.


And lots of bugs

We made good time, though our speed fluctuated as we got used to driving in MPH again.

The trip had been pretty flawless, minus the car breaking down a couple times and the border agents, but with our finish line almost in sight, we were……..SHIT! Almost right on cue with our conversation about DWB, a cop sped passed us coming from the other direction.

We pressed our faces into the rear view mirrors, watching the cop as we held our breath. We were clearly speeding so our only chance was for the cop to just turn a blind eye to it.

“Don’t U-turn! Don’t U-turn!” we chanted, hoping he would disappear under the horizon.

Unfortunately for us, the cop slows down and makes the dreaded turn, lights ablaze. We’re not even in the states for an hour and we get pulled over!

DSC_0501The glare obstructs the flashing lights screaming at us

At least the cop was nice about it. And a $35 dollar speeding ticket? That was a welcome surprise. I get parking tickets for more than that!

-Get pulled over in North Dakota

-Drive through North Dakota

Back on the road (paying close attention to the speed limit this time). No longer days, HOURS until our final destination.

6 hours remained. Then 4, then 2, then 1.


Drive into Minnesota

The expressway turned to residential roads and our finish line was the apartment complex in the distance. With a final right turn, we pulled into the lot and parked, marking the end to our journey.

The car let out what sounded like a long, deep sigh of relief as we stepped out and took in the surroundings. Victory!!! We did it!

DSC_0515The bug genocide tells a tale


-Drive from Fairbanks, Alaska to St. Paul, Minnesota. Venture through the Yukon, through nature reserves, through numerous Canadian towns and through the plains of North Dakota, with our eventual destination lying in Minnesota.


^Be sure to click this one, look how much earth that is! I’m quite impressed.

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DSC_0437 DSC_0338DSC_0223fixDSC_0010


The drive was over, but not the trip entirely. No, no, no. Inside that apartment complex was a dear friend of mine, who I’ve known for years but never had the pleasure of actually meeting face to face. Inside she waited, unaware that we had arrived.

The drive was finished, but the week in Minnesota was just beginning.

Let’s go find her…