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Time was short

After Denali we had a day left for final checks and preparations.  We spent our remaining day driving around Fairbanks, getting supplies and visiting one of the many rifle lined pawn shops trying to sell some items he no longer needed. Harassing lovely ladies in the grocery store and watching movies

The morning of, we stepped out into the unsetting sun and got to work. We had a substantial amount to load into the car, but it wasn’t too much. Within the hour we had everything packed, secured, and ready to go.



Fun Fairbanks Fact – As soon as you start sweating out here, you’re swarmed by the biggest, most rabid mosquitoes I’ve ever seen in my life. Thick black clouds of relentless, blood sucking, FLYING, zombies! I got so overtaken at one point, I threw the remaining gear into the car and retreated back to the house for sanctuary. The screen door held them, but barely. I stood there, horrified, as they jabbed their needles in and out through the holes in the door, desperately trying to pierce my skin.20130528_214720  -Survive an Alaskan mosquito zombie invasion

Everything was ready to go. As he said his goodbyes to his housemates, I stepped outside and took in more of the delicious air I had recently grown so fond of. I walked the length of the yard, feeling enveloped and lost in the vastness of the world around me. “I could live in a place like this” I thought to myself. At least for a time.



(The smoke wasn’t coming from the house, there was some kind of fire/explosion off in the distance that bellowed that thick black smoke. ????)

Our farewells were said, nothing left to do but begin this journey. 60+ hours, Fairbanks Alaska to St. Paul Minnesota. Lets do this!

Onward!!!” we screamed! The tires sped into action and left a thick trail of dust and gravel kicking up behind us as we tore down the path.

The world outside my window warped and shifted every so often, showing me what Alaska still had to offer. Even after Denali, the route had me amazed at times. The waterways, the vegetation and elevation. Mountains and flat lands. I even caught a quick glimpse of a bald eagle in the wild. Very entertained.

We sped along at a pretty steady pace. My companion drove while I shifted from hanging halfway out the window for pictures, to having my face pressed up against the glass like some excited child peering at the enticing outside world.





DSC_0288  DSC_0318






-Drive the Alaskan Highway

And there it was, off in the distance; The Canadian border!  I’ve never crossed a border by car before. I’ve never been to Canada before. I was heightened with these new “firsts” that were moments away! But first, pictures!!




My Holmes’ like deduction led me to believe that this building, helmed by the red maple leaf, was what we were looking for. We paused briefly before our path was clear and we pulled up to the window. The glass slid open and out leaned a young man in uniform and an air of authority about him. I don’t know if border agents are supposed to be emotionless by default, or if this guy was just not in the mood for our antics, but he stared with his dark empty eyes, analyzing us. My companion was all business while I broodingly sat, trying to contain my giddiness with this new interaction happening in the seat across from me. “What’s your purpose in Canada?” he said robotically. In fact, he MAY have been a robot! I’ve never been to Canada, they may have them up there.

I was trying to maintain my composure and diminish any probable cause, but I just kept thinking…

MOOSECOUNTRYI laughed and laughed inside my head. Far too entertained for such a bland “who/what/where/why”conversation, especially when I’m sure he’s eying our every move. But! We had left all the guns/drugs/weapons at home so we were free to go within a few minutes.


Hello Canada!

Now, things get interesting…

-Cross a land border by car

-Enter Canada