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The day was finally upon me…

As I stared out the window watching the New Jersey landscape pass me by, the impromptu trip across the country was becoming a reality.

Within the hour, there I was, standing in the security line of the Newark Airport waiting for the TSA lord to either allow or deny me entrance to the terminal. He just stood there, didn’t say a word, and just stared into me. I wasn’t sure if this was proper protocol, or if he was about to be sick, but my attempts to get him to say something proved fruitless. He literally just stood there until the interaction crossed over the “this is awkward” line.  “Maybe he’s asleep with his eyes open” I thought to myself, trying not to laugh. I just went through his cancer robot, so what else did he want from me? (Always wanted to go through a full body scanner and do a disco point, or an exaggerated pose, but instead I just felt like I was getting cancer. The mood was ruined)

Enter a full body scanner

“Ok well, excuse me” I said as I went to walk by the security golem obstructing my path. He finally made a move; his hand extended out and grabbed the stone around my neck. (Soulstone) The thought of him being on the very exclusive list of people who have held the crystal made me a little uneasy, but I paused as he croaked out a question. “What is this?” he asked as he FONDLED the crystal in a manner most perverse. “Quartz” I replied. If he seemed confused before, he was absolutely dumbfounded now. “Quartz crystal” I said in a hurried voice, if he was going to attempt to confiscate the necklace, I could at least call my ride and run it out to the car before they got too far away.

He finally let the crystal slip out of his hands and fall back to my chest. With what I assumed was a nod, he released me from his apathetic trial. I took my leave, and strolled my way over to the awaiting terminal.

First stop, Denver. I debated venturing out into the city, considering I had time to kill, but I found myself extremely exhausted and really just wanted to get some food and sleep for a bit.


Nice airport, I gotta say. Comfortable for the most part, and plenty of leather chair clad recharging hubs. Downside however, there were no benches to be found. I was hoping to find one and just crash for a bit, but I had no such luck. Neither did anyone else with the same idea. The bodies laid out all over the floor spoke volumes about their failed conquest, and my very near future.

I got as comfortable as one could in the metal chairs and had myself a much needed pass out. I felt like I had been sleeping for at least 6 hours, but much to my dismay, it was only about 35minutes. More time to kill….

Food and sleep acquired. I spent the rest of my time walking the lengths of the airport, checking out the random stores and restaurants, testing out my WiFi password breaker, and just getting into my general mindset of mischief.

-Visit the Denver airport

To the skies once more! A bit bumpy, but not bad. I enjoy a little turbulence as odd as that might sound. I feel like if the flight is too smooth something is going to go wrong. (That’s probably complete opposite, but this is how my brain works sometimes).


The landscape below began its steady escalation toward the sky, until we were following the mountains all the way to the tiny airport of Fairbanks.


Arrival, and with it, the first leg of the trip was complete! Now to find my friend and begin this marvelous adventure. The walk from the terminal to the baggage claim was about 5minutes (tiny airport!) and I ran into my friend straight away.Image

First glimpse! The first picture he snapped as I entered the baggage claim

The first thing I noticed about Alaska, well, minus the fact that they had a stuffed polar bear in the lobby…



…was the air. I’ve been in high elevation, in mountainous areas before, but this was different. I don’t know if it was just because I was in ridiculously humid New Jersey a day ago, or what, but the air was so clean, so crisp, it almost had a sweet taste to it.

ImageExiting the airport


Following that, the second thing that stood out, was the sun. More importantly, the time. You wouldn’t be able to tell by the photos, but I arrived at 11:35pm. The 22 hours of sunlight was incredible! It was thoroughly entertained and mystified at the same time. It really throws you off a bit, the friend and I actually stayed up til about 5am talking because I lost track of time.

So here I was. I had a week in Alaska before we started the drive. Alaska to Minnesota.

Here we go…

-Experience 22hours of day light

-Fly into Alaska