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I went for a round two with the frog venom. This time, however, I’d be getting four points instead of three. (Previous Entry: 3 burns. 3 points. My first Kambo experience)



When I landed in Peru and heard of this medicine, this was honestly the last sort of thing I wanted to do. Burn my skin? Put VENOM into my bloodstream willingly? NEVER!

Now? I just got out of a ceremony, and I already want to go in again! Funny how things like that change eh?

I don’t know if it was the new location the burns (on my back/ shoulder blade), or if the extra point added a substantial amount of venom (or, and probably, both) but I was shot off into the medicine instantaneously. As soon as the first glob of frog poison was administered, I felt the pressure building in a way unlike my first experience. Pressure to match the heaviness of my belly from the two liters of water one must ingest prior.

By the time I was finished getting my burns coated in the secretion, my head felt two times too small and I could feel my face swelling up. I had previously heard about the swelling as a side effect, but this was the first time I had personally experienced it. I had this moment where I thought I was turning into a sapo frog. My eyes felt huge, my cheeks were pushed out, I couldn’t tell if I was imagining it or if my face was really expanding. (Fun fact: it was actually happening). The pressure in my head was steadily increasing until I could hear my heartbeat, loud as a drum, thundering in my ears.

Then the purge, ahh the glorious purge. I never thought I’d ever be so happy to throw up, but this trip has made it one of my favorite past times. (Pretty sure I’ve thrown up times than days I’ve been down here). Into the bucket, and with it, the pressure, and anything else that seemed to be clogged up inside of me, both mentally and physically.

The medicine was strong, it ended up wiping quite a few people, but I made it out feeling like a god.  I felt so good, so powerful and energized. The earlier moment of bodily distress was a distance memory in the face of such a conclusion.

I kicked the front door into splinters and strolled out into the world. Untouchable.

I’m really, really proud of my burns. I’ll wear them proudly, and remember that I made it through, centered and strong.


Four point sapo/kambo ceremony. Done!