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“Lets go to the pub!” I said.  A sentence I NEVER thought I’d ever say in my entire life. Not only do I despise, but I very rarely ever have any interest in watching “the game”

The only sporting event I watch is the world cup. There’s something about watching the world’s best against each other that I find extremely entertaining. State vs State? Don’t care. Country Pride Vs Country Pride? I’m interested. It also helps when the rest of the world goes absolutely rabid when the cup days are upon us.

One of my fondest memories during this existence of mine, was watching a previous world cup years ago in Philadelphia, with my brother, Ricardo, Caesar and the rest of the philly crew. They introduced me to this new sporting world, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it ever since.

Now, this wasn’t the world cup (unfortunately), this was the Eurocup. Eurocup? Never heard of it, but once again I got caught up in the competitive aspect of the event and rallied behind my usual team. GO FRANCE!

Even though I’m out here doing a lot of inner/mental work, it was nice to take a break from it all, sit down with a cold mango juice and watch the games unfold.

I watched a few of the games, I wasn’t too immersed in the event, but I did know that when it came down to the final, I wanted to make sure I was there for it. Not only did I want to watch the final, but I wanted to DO something for it. I didn’t wanna watch it with a handful of people in town, I didn’t wanna stream it, I wanted a full on experience. Revert to the unimaginable sentence from above. “Lets go to the pub!” I told my brother, the astonished looked on his face mimicked my own surprise at such an utterance.

It was the only place I gathered that would not only be showing the game, but would also be full to the brim with increasingly drunk soccer hooligans and passing travelers.

So, we packed a bag and sped off toward the city. Sure enough, when we walked in, the place was already showing promise. Wasn’t too full, but the steady trickle of people soon took care of that. We managed to snag two seats at the bar and ordered a round of drinks.


Spain Vs. Italy. I’ll always cheer against Italy, but I still had no real stakes in the game. I came for the environment, the cheers, the pride, the passion, the cute girls with the flag stickers on their cheeks, and the drunk guys who go just as batshit as the “gooooooooooaaaaaaaaal” commentator when the ball sails into the back of the net.

And I got exactly what I was seeking.



Watch the Eurocup

Watch the Eurocup final at a pub in Cusco

Put on motorcycle helmet of victory cause Spain DESTROYED italy