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This will be a quick entry, but I’m here. I’ve made it. Finally after years of hearing stories and hoping one day to make it, it has happened. Here I sit, on the balcony of the Blue Llama restaurant, surrounded by mountains as I watch the bustling Peruvian market below.

The flights were fine. JFK airport is kinda nice. I arrived three hours early so I had plenty of time to kill. And plenty of time to ride up and down the moving sidewalks with childlike mischief.

There was a bar called “Drink” situated right next to my gate. I’ve always wanted to have a drink while I waited for a plane. Sit there, all morose and defeated like the guys in the movies, just sitting there staring at their drinks. “Doin it..” I said and ordered up a vodka and tonic.

Drink a drink at a bar while waiting for a plane

First flight into Lima, Peru was only 7 hours, and thankfully I slept through most of it cause I wasn’t very comfortable.

Fly into Peru

Get a Peru stamp on my Passport. YEAH!

Arrived at my final destination to find my brother waiting on his motorcycle. We had an hour drive ahead of us, so I flipped on my helmet and we set off toward the mountains.

Will post more later! My next “First” entry will most likely involve my ayahuasca ceremony tonight.