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Windows down. Music up. I sped down the highway on this absolutely picturesque day. Clear blue skies, the sun was hot, the breeze was cool, the day in which all nice days were spawned from.

My destination was an hour away. Soon I’d be with friends, fulfilling a promise I made so many months ago. My friends had come to me one evening out, to ask if I would be willing to document their recent pregnancy. I was a bit hesitant at first, as I usually am when it comes to something like this, but they reassured me that it was me they wanted.

The city stood in the distance. Bit of traffic, but not bad. 676 is usually backed up. “It’ll clear up soon…”

Oh how wrong I was.

A mix of idiotic rubbernecking and just the general assholery of I-95, set me back almost TWO and a half hours. I did, however, get to dance my caramelldansen and sing in my terrible opera voice, which is usually the custom when stuck in traffic.

(it was like this ALL the way up)

I hate making people wait on me, but my traffic rage was quickly extinguished when I saw my friends. First time I’ve been to their apartment (Check!)

We brainstormed for a bit, tossing around ideas and forming some new ones before we made our way outside.

A tad bit nervous. Which is to be expected when attempting to capture such an occasion, I suppose. But we had fun with it! I think they’ll be happy with the photos. I did get that involuntary “awwww yeah!” smile quite a bit. That moment when you KNOW you’ve just taken a great photo? 😛

Afterward they invited me out to dinner, their treat. My escapism was attempting to steal the moment and send me scurrying back home, but I told my brain to shut it and agreed. Out to dinner with friends! So this is what it’s like!

Good food, even better company. I love ending a evening to an awaiting warm summer night.

Eat at the Landmark in West Chester

It’s a good thing we didn’t postpone like we had originally thought. Jamie gave birth last night!!!!!! Congratulations Johnny and Jamie!!!!!

Take pregnancy photos for friends