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Wow, what can I say about the Mass Effect series. I’ve been a gamer all my life, yet I find myself now with little interest in the gaming world. I remembered my past self begging and pleading, making promises in the dark that I would never arrive at this state. That somehow I would have to remain in touch with who I was back then, but alas I think I have arrived here anyway.

Well, all of that was before I took a chance on a game called Mass Effect. I had no expectations going into the game, though I heard my friends absolutely rave about how great it was. Figured why not?

I played and finished the first about a year ago, devoured the 2nd close behind and with the release of the third earlier in the month, I concluded the latest game yesterday evening.

Throughout the games, from the character creation, to the soundtrack. From the list of engaging characters, to the engrossing storyline, these game easily trumped anything I’ve played in a very long time. The races, the galaxy, the planets, the exploration…EVERYTHING about this game was superb. AND you’ve got Seth Green, Martin Sheen, Carrie-Anne Moss, Keith Davids, Ash Sroka, and an entire cast of some amazing voice actors bringing the experience to life.

This wasn’t just a game, this was an emotional roller coaster. When a game is built non linear like these were, when you have ACTUAL consequence to your actions and the ability to pick your path, it really makes for a gaming experience like none other.

Decision that left me cheering or almost near tears, both of which happened to me numerous times as I played through. Decisions that used my emotional attachment to the characters against me. Which one of my friends do I choose to live, which can I pick to die?

Do I play make my character a cold hearted killer, or a paragon who leaves no one behind. Choices. It all comes down to MY choices. The decisions I made in the first game had lasting consequences or benefits in the third. This truly was MY story.

It has been a very, very long time since I’ve been left speechless after the credits faded to black. Each game was an absolute masterpiece.

Play the Mass Effect games

I leave you with my favorite, haunting piano melody from the series