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Couple months ago I overheard someone excitedly talking about something called the Hunger Games, and how it was being turned into a movie. The title seemed to appear everywhere after that. The buzz about this movie was something staggering, and something I knew nothing about, so I decided to figure out what all the rage was about and find some details for myself.

I watched the trailer, read some heated debates about Battle Royale Vs The Hunger Games, and eventually learned that the story had originated as a novel series turned movie.

With my venture into the Harry Potter world at a recent close, I was looking for something to fill the 7 book gap. The Hunger Games seemed like a logical choice

Honestly, I started the book to see just how parallel the story was with Battle Royale. Which was pretty damn similar. I don’t know how people can vehemently defend the book when Battle Royale was written almost ten years before…

But, I enjoyed the trilogy for the most part. Katniss was slightly bothersome with her inability to communicate her issues. I never like when a character creates their own issues when the remedy is to just be honest with their emotions.

And I don’t know if this juggling two love interests is the new story arc all the kids enjoy, but I found it pretty terrible the way she treated both Gale and Peeta.

The storyline was rather typical. Could have used a little more character development. With so many good characters, the potential was there, though with the book length I can see why the author decided against it.

All that aside, I’ll judge it by what it is, not what it could have been. It was an ok read.

Maybe I’ll go see the movie tomorrow.

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