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Tucked away on a Philadelphia side street I always pass but never visit, lies a nice little bar/cafe I happened to visit for the first time this weekend.

I decided to take the trip to not only get out of my head over some things, but also to support the party which was going on to benefit a friend in a future endeavor.
The night was a good one. Friends and familiar faces through the building. Some I haven’t seen in quite some time. Those who I greatly admire, and those who I can share a drink with and kick back. Met some new, lovely faces, and reconnected with some I hadn’t seen in quite some time.

The venue itself was pretty nice. I could see myself returning in the future. Long bar, streamlined layout. Not too big, not too loud. Dance floor was a bit crowded but as long as the music is hitting hard, it doesn’t matter to me.

Good times.

Visit the Headhouse in Philadelphia