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Over the years I’ve been fascinated by the beautiful wielders of fire I frequently spend my time with. From poi, to burning hoops, I’ve always been taken by their skill and proficiency in which they manipulate the flame.

They all rightly deserve their own appreciation and respect, but I’m always captivated by those who have learned with the fire fans as their weapon.

The idea came to me after a long drive alone with my thoughts. “Why not try it for myself? I have plenty of burner friends who I could ask for advice” And sure enough, my friends were more than excited to help. I also sought the support from the absolutely gorgeous, dread headed woman who I attribute a lot of my motivation to.

(one of my favorite videos)

When she said she thinks it’s a great idea AND offered me some advice, I couldn’t help the wide grin that cemented itself on my face.

After that I was set on my goal. Acquire fans. Learn to use them. Time dragged by, as it does when you’re excitedly expecting a package, until the day finally arrived. Box utterly shredded in my haste, there they lay, nestled in the packaging. New shining black metal. New fire fans. MY new fire fans.

I gave it a few weeks, practicing with just the wicks before I even considered a live flame.

So last night I lit up for the first time even though I’ll need a lot more time before I can do anything more than just stand there. Felt the heat, heard the roar of the fire, learned how it feels to have 10 large flames at my command.

Last night I ignited the wicks, as well as my motivation to keep at it!

The fans brought a number of firsts:

Sewing with Kevlar

Buying my own pair of fire fans

Lighting the wicks and taking my first spin with the fans