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Following the aftermath of the breakup, I worked my way through a toxic weekended of my preferred vices. I’ve never been one to flock toward a “something” to make myself feel better in the worst of times, but damn do I enjoy a good vodka and tonic, a nose prickling cold soda, or a long pull from my hookah on occasion.

Since I’ve started back on my workout routine, alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco are probably the last things I should have been indulging in, but….Eff it!

Anyway. It has been a few months since I setup the hookah and had a bit of a smoke, (I’m not a smoker minus the occasional visit to the hookah bar or hookah with friends). I reached for my favorite tobacco within a small tin container labeled, Blue Mist, a blueberry-esque flavor of billowing bliss. Unfortunately for me, the container was empty.


Something new would have to do…

And the new would manifest itself in this shape


I’m a huge peach fan, and the aroma coming from the box was enough for me to drop any other choices I had in my head/hand and go straight for this one.

Bowl filled. Charcoal lit. Bubbles…bubbling.

Delicious. Not as potent as the smell permeating the box, but still, a worthy choice. The back label is full of other flavors I haven’t heard of. I’m not sure what “cupid’s arrow” tastes like, nor would I really like to TASTE anything from a naked cherub, though the other options may prove suitable for future entries.


Kicked back with my thoughts, sipped the vodka, and despite the break up, had myself a rather nice day.

Try Peach Fuzzy Navel Hookah Tobacco. Done and Done.