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Didn’t know I’d be jumping into such an emotional topic so quickly, but I guess you can’t really plan such things.

The girlfriend and I had been dating for the better half of 14 months. She was everything I could ever want in a partner. AND she had pink hair. A perfect companion, a mutual dreamer with a lovely trait of mischief and silliness to match my own. A girl who I was completely infatuated with and despite the confidence I hold within, never really thought I had a chance with. It was only later that I’d learn that my feelings were completely mutual.

In the heart of the bustling, raging crowd a thousand strong, we had our first kiss…

The abrupt end took me by surprise. I was at a loss for words, as it came almost completely out of nowhere. While I don’t quite follow her method (the getting rid of me part), I understand her reasoning. I think….?

Last night I made it Facebook official. I’ve been through enough breakups and relationships, but the whole Facebook aspect was new to me. I don’t take the site to the seriousness that some might, but I did still tremble slightly when I switched my status from “in a relationship” to “single”. It wasn’t quite the act that had me at a pause, it’s the fact that this was essentially a billboard to the world that said “yep, this is what’s happening”. That by my click, everyone would know something very personal to me.

I guess that’s the point of FB in the first place, I just never had to worry about that aspect of it before. What I put out into the internet is always by choice. This seemed rather forced, and I am one who enjoys my privacy.

Not sure where I go from here. There’s so much doubt in her own decision that I’m left completely confounded. She says this is what she wants, then she says it’s not. Then she wants to get back together, but she doesn’t want to miss this time apart to refocus on herself.

I’m just gonna take it slow…


This was the last thing I had imagined being added to my list 😦

Ending a relationship on Facebook